7 SILICONE LIQUID SHEETING SYSTEM – While most products on the market use only dimethicone, SSSCAR incorporates 7 different silicone variants in its unique and effective system. Silicones have been scientifically proven to improve scar tissue and stretch marks due to their ability to retain moisture in the area and stimulate fibroblast activity.

ZINC – Zinc has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, as well as calming properties, which make it the perfect ingredient in a scar treatment formula. In addition, zinc also has the ability to speed up healing, as well as reduce and soften the appearance of abnormal scars, such as keloids.

BEESWAX – beeswax has natural anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to being a great matural moisturizer. Just like honey, it also has natural anticeptic properties which help fight bacteria.

SAFFLOWER – has been shown to illuminate the skin, lighten and eliminate dark spots on the surface and deep-down, as well as prevent post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

More Information

SSSCAR is scientifically designed to treat compromised skin and existing scars to aid faster recovery and a reduction in the appearance of redness and discolorations. Scars and stretch marks become visibly softened and flattened.

This revolutionary product can be used immediately following aesthetic and medical procedures including microneedling, incisions, tattoo application/removal and skin resurfacing. May be suitable for some burn scars. It is easy to apply, non-sticky, rapid drying, transparent and odorless.


  • Scars, Striae, Post-Traumatic conditions
  • Raised, itchy and compromised lesions
  • Following needling scar treatment
  • Following tattoo removal procedures
  • Suitable for all skin types


  • Aids in faster recovery.
  • Reduces the appearance of redness and discoloration.
  • Softens the appearance of scar tissue and stretch marks.
  • Contains no fragnances or alcohols.


DAILY USE: Product can be used on a daily basis until the desired outcome is achieved

POST-TREATMENT CARE: Continue applying product throughout the treatment course.

TIP: For Keloids or atrophic scarring SSSCAR allows the skin to normalize the collagen synthesis cycle.

TIP: SSSCAR can also serve as an idea primer for Cover Recover and other makeup products on acne scarred, uneven skin by providing a smooth, softened appearance.

CAUTION: PRODUCT IS NOT DESIGNED AS ANTIBACTERIAL AGENT. Use of CliniPrep to disinfect the area is highly recommended.

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